Mr. Jekyll Absinth
Mr.Jekyll Absinth
Mr. Jekyll Absinth

Mr.Jekyll Absinth

Абсент Мистер Джекил

Крепость:  55,0%
Объем:  700мл
Производство:  Германия
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Mr.Jekyll Absinthe is relatively light for the genre (55% alc./vol.) It has a full, rich mouthfeel blending aniseed and fresh citrus notes. Despite the alcoholic strength, the drink is surprisingly smooth. To prepare Absinth the traditional way do the following:

•Pour one shot into a glass.

•Place a slatted Absinth spoon on the glass. Place one or two sugar lumps on the spoon.

•Drip six to eight parts iced water through the sugar and into the absinth.

•Stir mixture, which will turn cloudy, and drink.