Gancia vermouth
Gancia Bianco

Gancia Bianco

Белый Вермут Ганча Бьянко

Крепость:  14,8%
Объем:  1 000мл
Производство:  Италия
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Gancia Bianco – изысканный фирменный итальянский вермут от Gancia с красивым соломенно-желтым цветом и шикарным вкусом. Нежный и интенсивный аромат напитка - следствие идеального смешивания специй, трав, собранных в Альпах, с высококачественным белым вином. Приятный и сладкий вкус с душистыми нотами трав, но горечи и привкуса во рту не оставляет, хотя очень отчетливо звучат нотки полыни, однако их непринужденный и легкий аромат только придает пикантности напитку. Gancia Bianco – прекрасный выбор для приготовления разнообразных коктейлей. Хорош вермут со льдом в качестве аперитива.

Tasting Notes:
Excellent match between sweet and dry, the Vermouth Bianco Gancia is an unforgettable speciality of the House of Gancia made with specially selected herbs and skillfully united to high quality white wines which contribute to its ever green appeal in the aperitif sector.
Visual test
Straw yellow colour.
Olfactive test
Particularly delicate and intense fragrance resulting from the blending of the herbs and spices extract in the alcohol base to the wine base. Particularly delicate and intense fragrance resulting from the blending of the herb and spice extract in the alcohol base to the wine base.
Tasting test
Sweet, full and velvety with harmony.

Technical Notes:
At the age of 18, Carlo is nominated partner and later Director of the company Dettori &C., where he creates a new recipe to refine the taste and the aroma of Vermouth.From past research Gancia has the intuition of using moscato as a base for the herb infusion, thus reinventing an original and inimitable product.
Area of Production
Raw Materials
Young white wines and selected herbs.
Technical Method
Divided into three phases. The most neural wines are chosen which are better amalgamated with the herbs and spices selected for mixing. The herbs, some local and some exotic, are chosen and amalgamated to obtain a liquid with an alcohol content of 30°. This liquid is then mixed to the wine with sugar and extacts, filtering and refining in tanks. After this the product is tasted and bottled.
Alcohol content

Service Notes:
Method of Use
A classic aperitif and long drink, unbeatable in fabulous cocktails and excellent if served with two ice cubes and a zest of lemon.
Serving temperature
6-8° C
Tumbler high

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