Chateau de Pibarnon White Wines
Chateau de Pibarnon Blanc 2012

Chateau de Pibarnon Blanc 2012

Белое Сухое Вино Шато Де Пибарнон Бланк 2012

Крепость:  13,5%
Объем:  750мл
Производство:  Франция
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Chateau de Pibarnon Blanc 2012 – чистое элегантное вино, рожденное в легендарном Провансе, коммуне Бандоль, там виноград выращивается на террасах, где никогда не бывает туманов. Состоит из смеси четырех сортов местного винограда урожая 2012 года: Сlaret - 40%, Bourboulenc (он же Кларет Белый) -40%, Roussanne – 10%, Viognie – 10%. Ферментация происходит в стальных емкостях и частично в дубовых бочках, для придания напитку сложности. Вкус сбалансированный с изящными фруктовыми тонами, с освежающей, приятной и загадочной кислинкой, переходящий в затяжное мягкое послевкусие. Букет состоит из чарующих воздушных ароматов сочного абрикоса, полевых цветов и изысканных нот специй.

Château de Pibarnon Blanc 2012
Grape variety

- 45% CLAIRETTE (finesse and elegance). - 30% BOURBOULENC (freshness and liveliness) - 25 % LOCAL GRAPE VARIETIES (Roussane & Viognier, for the complexity of the bouquet)


Located on cooler north-facing slopes, the white grapes are planted on a very interesting soil consisted of BLUE MARL from the SANTONIAN geological period, the same soil as Petrus or Chateau-Chalon. Altitude 900 ft.


Traditional method. Fermented at a low temperature, slowly, during 25 days. Aged in tank and a small part in wood to give more complexity.


Year after year the white wine becomes more mature. This year a small part of the harvest was fermented in oak vat during three months to give more complexity. We want to make a wine well balanced between freshness and minerality, depth and maturity. This white wine is the best

ally of crayfish, scallops, lobsters. The noble white-fleshed fish will be perfect with a whit a beurre blanc, or simply grilled with wild fennel


The short period of cold during winter didn't impact our vineyards. Indeed, it has been an overall mild winter, which ended by a sunny and dry weather during March. Changeable weather in April and May has been beneficial to the balance of the plant, providing vines with enough water resources to go through summer. The wide difference between day-time and night-time temperatures in summer ensured a beautiful freshness and a perfect maturity of the grapes.


Hand picked grapes, with a small team of pickers, in small cases of 20kg. Yield less than 30 Hl/ha.

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Бренди Шевалье Наполеон БСОП