Marchesi De Frescobaldi Red Wines
Marchesi De Frescobaldi Mormoreto Toscana 2009
Marchesi De Frescobaldi Red Wines

Marchesi De Frescobaldi Mormoreto Toscana 2009

Красное Сухое Вино Маркези Де Фрескобальди Морморето Тоскана 2009

Крепость:  14,5%
Объем:  750мл
Производство:  Италия
3 990
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Marchesi De Frescobaldi Mormoreto Toscana 2009. Это прекраснейшее тосканское вино родилось в замке Нипоццано, находящегося в центре винодельческой области Кьянти. Представляет собой купаж сортов Cabernet Sauvignon (60%), придающий богатый вкус, Merlot (25%) – изысканность, Cabernet Franc (12%) и Petit Verdot (3%) – пикантную элегантность. Ферментация проходит в чанах из нержавейки, мацерация на кожице, выдержка в барриках из дуба в течение 2 лет и полгода в бутылках. Вкус густой, текстура бархатистая с округлыми танинами, доминируют фруктовые ноты. Букет богатый, великолепно звучат сладкие оттенки малины, мяты, миндаля.


GENERAL INFORMATION: This the great wine of the Castelo, from the vineyard Mormoreto planted in 1976. The first vintage was from the 1983 harvest, and since then has been produced only in the most favourable years. It was not produced from the harvest of 1986, 1987, 1989, 1992, 1998 or 2002. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot, planted 150 years ago, have, over time, formed an intimate bond with is terroir and now bring out all of its unique qualities. It is a wine of great depth, opulent and refined, that you can cellar for many years.

The 209 season conclude on 9 October with e arrival in the cellar of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the Mormoreto vineyard, and the final results are quite positive with respect to overall fruit quality. Spring followed the pattern set in recent years, with heavy rains that presented a challenge to the vineyard crews tending the vines and protecting them against fungal attacks, but at least he rains built up groundwater reserves. The even, well-paced weather conditions mean 2009 wines of significant elegance and guaranteed cellar ability. In contrast, of the spring rains, umber brought mild, sunny weather, right into autumn. Light rains arrived in mid-September, but di nothing to harm the sound health of the grapes nor the excellent levels of ripens. All in all, 2009 reveals itself as one of the finest vintages for Mormoreto, the estate’s flagship wine, a sapient marriage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and a bit of Petit Verdot.

ESTATE AND VINEYARD LOCATION: Mormoreto vineyard, Pelago
ALTITUDE: from 250m to 30m (from 820 to 985 feet)
VINEYARD SIZE: 25Ha in the Mormoreto vineyard (61 Acres)
SOIL TYPE: 1) terrain rich in sand, well drained. Fair presence of calcium. PH neutral
or slightly alkaline.
2) terrain of limestone, rich in clay and very well supplied with
calcium. “White” grounds. Rich in surface stones, PH alkaline.
PLANTING DENSITY: More than 5,80 vines/Ha
TRAING SYTEM: Spur pruned cordon
VINEYARD AVERAGE AGE: On the average more than 20 years

VARIETY: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Franc, 3% Petit
YIELD/HECTARE: 35hl/a (2.0 Tons/Acres)
HARVEST PERIOD: End of September for Merlot, begging of October for Cabernet
Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc
FERMENTAION VATS: Stainless steel tanks
FERMENTAION TEMPERATURE: <35° C (95° Fahrenheit)
LENGTH OF MACERATION ON THE SKINS: each variety is vinified separetely for 15
days in stainless steel vats, at temperature below 35°C (95° Fahrenheit), followed by
maceration the skins for 20 days
MALOACTIC FERMENTAION: Immediately done after the alcoholic fermentation
MATURATION METHOD: Barriques of both sawed and split oak, a proportion of which
are new with the rest being one year in age
LENGTH OF MATURATION: 24 months in barriques, and 6 mounths in bottle

Mormoreto 2009 is an intense purple red with violet undertones. The nose opens with
hints of iodine, black currants and cherry jam, interwoven with complex spices like
vanilla, cinnamon and juniper joined by notes of almond. Mild sensations of
eucalyptus then dried rose. Important tannins but silken. At the finish Mormoreto is
balanced, intense long and persistent.
SERVING SUGESTIONS Terrific partner with any long-cooked meat dish, such as
marinades, pot roast, and stews. Delicious with aged cheeses.

JamesSuckling.Com 94 Points -2009
I vini di Veronelli 93 Points -2009
Wine Spectator 93 Points -2009
Wine Aces 93 Points -2009
Falstaff 91 Points -2009

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Объем: 750мл
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3 990
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