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Prunotto Barolo 2010 Prunotto Barolo 2010 – пожалуй, самое знаменитое вино Пьемонта, из легендарного винодельческого региона Баролло. Состоит на 100% из Неббиоло. После 2-недельной мацерации с контролируемой температурой и брожения, выдерживается в огромных дубовых бочках не менее 2 лет, потом после бутилирования старение продолжается в подвалах еще год. Вкус идеально сбалансированный, с элегантными умеренными танинами, доминируют яркие тона сухофруктов, смородины и лесных ягод. Послевкусие продолжительное и приятное. Букет насыщенный и выразительный, в нем гармонично сплетены легкие цветочные ноты с пикантными специями.

Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%

Origin & Soil: vineyards in the townships of Monforte, Castiglione Falletto, and Serralunga. The soils from the Tortonian-Messinian period - the so-called “Sant’Agata fossil marls” - are particularly rich in calcareous clays and elements such as magnesium and manganese.
Taste: garnet red in color with ample and complex aromas of violets and berry fruit, full and velvety in flavor and very balanced. Its structure and body make it an ideal match for meat and game dishes and for cheese.

Climate Vintage: the 2010 vintage began with a cold and rather snowy winter which delayed the beginning of the vine cycle. The spring and early summer continued with a somewhat cool and rainy climate, with temperatures below seasonal averages and intervals of warmer weather.
At the end of July temperatures dropped once again, but the positive temperature swings between daytime and nighttime assisted in some of the delay in vine growth and development.
Low temperatures in August (together with a selective thinning of the crop) helped maintain a healthy crop in the vineyard despite the abundant rainfall of the period.
The harvest began on September 14th with Arneis and Dolcetto, continued with Barbera on September 20th, and concluded on October 16th with the Bussia vineyard in Barolo.

Vintage: the selected grape bunches were destemmed and pressed. The fermentation with skin contact lasted a total of fifteen days at maximum temperatures of 30° centigrade (86° Fahrenheit). The malolactic fermentation terminated before the end of the winter. The wine was aged principally in 50 and 75 hectoliter French oak casks, with a small part aged in 60 gallon oak barrels used once previously. A further twelve month period of bottle aging in the Prunotto cellars preceded commercial release.
Alcohol 13.5° vol.
Красное Сухое Вино Прунотто Бароло 2010 года
Крепость: 13,5%
Объем: 750мл
Производство: Италия
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Prunotto Bussia Barolo 2007 Prunotto Bussia Barolo 2007 – еще одно великолепное творение из Пьемонта: моносортовое вино из Неббиоло, выращенного на известково-глиняных почвах виноградников Буссия в Монфорте. После тщательного дестеблирования, дробления, 10-дневной мацерации и ферментации, выдержка происходит в огромных бочках из австрийского дуба в течение 2 лет, потом старение продолжается еще год в бутылках. Вкус насыщенный сбалансированный, с округлыми мягкими танинами. В изысканном букете ярко слышны ноты сочных фруктов и ягод, гармонично соединенных с пикантными цветочными оттенками и нюансами специй.

Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%
Origin & Soil: From the Bussia vineyards in Monforte. Height 350 m. South exposed.
Origins go back to the Tortonian era. Calcareous compact clay alternated with sandy layers.
Taste: Intense garne colour with ruby reflexes. On the nose, intense perfume of plum and ripe cherry with hints of flowers and spicy aromas. On the palate, intense with soft tannins and a long final taste. Due to its structure and body, it is a perfect match for meat and game dishes, and cheeses. Ideal serving temperature 17°C.

Climate Vintage: The 2005 vintage has an irregular climate but to sum up it is satisfying. After a relatively mild winter, with scarce precipitations, there is a fresh but poor in rains spring. At the start of summer, there is an heavy thermic rise with some fresh periods but without rains.
September starts with some rainy days. Then the climate has stabilized and it comes back summer until the end of the month, with large temperature ranges, useful to exalt the sugar and the aromatic substances stored in the grapes.

Vintage: The selected grapes were destemmed and pressed. Maceration lasted 12 days at a maximum temperature of 30°C in Austrian 53Hl vats. Malolactic fermentation was carried out before the end of the winter.
Ageing took place in 50 Hl French oak barrels and a small quantity in second time used Barriques. A further 12 months of bottle ageing followed in the Prunotto cellars before shipping.
Alcohol 14 %vol.
Total Acidity 5,60 g/l
Dry extract 30,60 g/l
Красное Сухое Вино Прунотто Буссиа Бароло 2007 года
Крепость: 14,0%
Объем: 750мл
Производство: Италия
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