Oban Single Malt Whisky
Oban 14 Years Old + gift box

Oban 14 Years Old + gift box

Односолодовый Скотч Виски Обан 14 летней выдержки в подарочной упаковке

Крепость:  43,0%
Объем:  700мл
Производство:  Шотландия, Хайланд
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Oban 14 Years Old + gift box. Прекрасный элитный молт, рожденный в Обэне, Западное высокогорье Хайленда, называемом в Шотландии «вратами на острова», его производство немасштабное, поэтому перед нами прекрасный подарок ценителю виски. Для изготовления напитка солод не коптится, да и береговой климат сильно влияет на характер сырья. Цвет довольно интересный – оливково-золотой. Букет богатый сладостью и нотами фруктов, особенно ярко звучат апельсины, груши, лимоны, к ним присоединяются нюансы морской соли и торфяной дымности. Вкус глубокий с преобладающими фруктовыми тонами, потом улавливаются ноты инжира и медово-сладких пряностей. Послевкусие долгое с дымчато-сладкой сухостью.

Oban 14 Years Old
A combination of rich sweetness with a smoky dryness and appetising spice distinguishes this lovingly-matured Highland malt.

The perfect
Oban 14 Years Old is best served neat in a tumbler, perhaps with a little cool spring water.

"Classic, gentle and pleasing. A consensual malt. Good match with salmon and light seafood dishes."
Martine Nouet 2005, Whisky Magazine, Issue 45

Oban 14 Year Old works well as an accompaniment to seafood like oysters or smoked salmon, and discover new depths of flavour.

Taste the character and craft in every drop.

A Highland malt with one foot on the islands.

Olive gold.

Rich sweetness and fruits - oranges, lemons and pears, with sea-salt and peaty smokiness.

A full, rich, almost oily malt.

Mouth-filling late autumn fruits - dried figs and honey-sweet spices; followed by a smoky malty dryness.

Long, smooth-sweet finish with oak-wood, dryness and a grain of salt.

Expert Reviews
Insights from some of the best in the business

"Lightly smoky on the honeyed, floral nose. Toffee, cereal and a hint of peat. The palate offers initial cooked fruits, becoming spicier. Complex, bittersweet, oak and more gentle smoke. The finish is quite lengthy, with spicy oak, toffee and new leather."
Gavin D Smith, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015, p.162

"Good energy, balance with surprising weight."
Dave Broom 2005, Whisky Magazine, Issue 45

"A much-beloved malt in the U.S. Some say it’s because it is easy to pronounce (though having said that, remember it’s ‘OH-bin’ and not ‘O’Bahn’). I’d prefer to think its popularity is because there is something about the fresh cleanliness of the nose, its orange oils, chocolate, and zesty-zingy and yes, occasionally salty spiciness that is instantly appealing."
Dave Broom, Whisky Advocate Summer 20123

"A mixed nose of heather , honey, pineapple and nuts, a perfectly balanced mix of grapey fruit, pineapple chunks, roast nuts and smoky undertow, and a rounded and fruity finish, drying and more-ish."
Dominic Roskrow, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015, p.162

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